The crumbling Haftar illusion: Last call for the international community?

Last week I wrote an article with the colleague from the Atlantic Council Karim Mezran on the MENASource Blog analysing how the international community should act as the military reality of the conflict in Libya is shifting. Our conclusion was that:

Haftar’s losses in western Libya highlight contradictions that have been hidden for months, if not years. His allies are, now, adjusting their policies to cope with the shifting military dynamics. The fate of Tarhouna, from this point of view, is essential; should Haftar and his local allies—the Kanyat—be defeated and lose the control of the town, the offensive in western Libya will be over. Given this volatile situation, the international community should seize the moment to do everything to stop Haftar’s dictatorial regime. It can do so by supporting those actors in the east who are increasingly unhappy with Haftar and by relaunching negotiations and national dialogue between east and west Libya factions in earnest.

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