The Company

cropped-0002The Mediterranean Eye Risk Consultancy LTD is the political risk consultancy working on Mediterranean and Emerging Markets I founded in London in 2014. Since then, I served several clients: International Organisations, Universities, International Oil Companies, Multinational Businesses working in several different sectors (retail, food), other Political Risk Consultancies.

Through the company, I provide a number of services:

Regular and bespoke reports on Mediterranean countries and/or thematic issues regarding the security and the economy of the area.

In-depth analyses of the political and economic leadership on many regional countries, and due diligence activities, with a specific focus on the business sector.

Tailored OSINT and Risk Analysis courses, on the model of the Executive Training on Risk Analysis and Crisis Management that I managed between 2015 and 2018 in Brussels.

For more info on the services provided, please contact me here